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 Hillcrest Cemetery, located on Highway 544 in Conway, SC, was founded as a Perpetual Care Cemetery  in 1953 by  W.M. Goldfinch, Sr, W.M. Goldfinch, Jr. and G. Heyward Goldfinch, owners of Goldfinch Funeral Home in Conway.

The natural landscape was the inspiration for the name given to the 90 acre tract of land where small streams of running water bordered both ends of the property, meeting at the rear of the tract. The land crested in the middle of the tract and a large Southern Magnolia Tree was situated in the center of this crest. Thus the name Hillcrest Cemetery.

Originally, Hillcrest was licensed by the State of South Carolina for ground burials, mausoleum entombment and niche storage of cremated remains. Other special sections were also opened as the need arose in Horry County. A section was created for individual baby graves, appropriately named "Babyland", and another section was added exclusively for pets.  Over time, more special sections, such as a Veterans Section, have been added.

Hillcrest is always on the leading edge of new ideas, concepts, and level of care for a Perpetual Care Cemetery operation. The needs of the public are always in the forefront of planning.

Our facilities are meant to serve Horry County now and in the future, as Hillcrest is a special place for families in our community. We believe that the true value of what we do is found in helping families heal after the loss of a loved one by providing them a place where they can come to remember, reflect and honor the life lived.

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